Kalyne Lionheart




Kalyne Lionheart is a Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Creative Producer, and Model based in Los Angeles, California. She is the Founder of Lionheart Creative. Lionheart Creative is a powerful alliance of creative resources and production capabilities. Music Videos, Digital Content, Brand Development, and Influencer Marketing. By 2018 her videos have reached almost 200 million views. Some clients include Capitol Records, Interscope Records, Warner Brothers, Island Records, BET, T-Pain, Delta, American Eagle, Serena Williams, Alex Aiono and many more. 

Armed with an exceptional work ethic, inquisitive mind, inherent artistic talent coupled with her background as a dancer, her ability to recognize the importance of musicality and how to match it with the beauty of performance has helped her skills as a Director and Editor. She works effectively with the talent, client and crew to ensure a fluid and cohesively run production. Kalyne's mission is to continue to offer new, exciting and creative approaches for clients with stunning results.


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